On New Year’s Day 2022, I injured my foot and was only able to do very minimal walking and experiencing pain with every step. After 3 months of working with a podiatrist, I had no improvement and the doctor said, “The only way to fix it is with surgery.”  I disagreed and I wanted to give chiropractic treatments a try.

Upon recommendation of longtime friends who thought the world of Dr. Foudy and his team, I quickly made an appointment and was so glad I did. After my 1st visit, I felt hopeful. After my 2nd visit, I was walking without pain for the 1st time in 4 months. I was ecstatic! I could get back to my regular exercise routine. And as a side benefit, I asked Dr. Foudy about my chronic leg cramps that woke me up several times every night and while swimming. Melanie (the muscle expert) gave me exercises to do using a tennis ball and if I do them before I go to bed and before I swim the cramping has been significantly reduced allowing me to swim twice as far and wake up way less throughout the night.

And if that isn’t enough to be happy about, there’s more! With the initial x-rays and test for pinched nerves, I found out I had 12 pinched nerves and a spine that is “out of alignment”. I signed up for his program and after 15 visits, the retesting showed I was down to 6 pinched nerves and improvement in the spine. My posture has improved.

I look forward to working with Dr. Foudy and Melanie and their team long into the future to achieve and maintain my health to the best it can be. They really care about their patients.  Thank you Dr. Foudy, Melanie and staff, for all you do to make my life “mo better”! You’re the best! 

I had never had any “spinal issues” in the 61 years of my life. However, after a bout with COVID-19 at the beginning of the year, I started with one of the most difficult periods of my life from multiple perspectives. It began one early morning while recovering from COVID-19. I was attempting to get out of bed, and I felt something unusual in my neck and back as I pushed up from bed with my right arm. As I stood up, I felt twitching in my shoulder. It continued and the twitching progressed to severe spasms and contractures, which eventually progressed to my leg. It somewhat subsided in my arms but became so severe in my leg and foot that I had difficulty walking and with my balance, and I couldn’t because of the lack of ability to control my leg when the spasms occurred while driving. I spent at least 3 weeks dealing with this before seeking care from Dr. Foudy.

I went through the typical COVID care prior to seeing Dr. Foudy. Being in the medical field, I tried many self-treatments. I reached out to medical doctors, including my primary care physician, who required an appointment, which would take 3 weeks before I could see him. I even reached out to many of my doctor friends who could not help. It eventually got so bad, that I went to urgent case, where they diagnosed me with a sinus infection and an infection of my salivary glands, and of course, “muscle spasms.” I was given a prescription for an antibiotic and muscle relaxant. The sinus infection and salivary gland infection got better; however, I was still having the severe muscle spasms/contractures.

On my way home, I thought to myself: “I need to find a chiropractor.” I returned home and posted on Facebook that I was looking for a good chiropractor. I received many responses recommending Dr. Foudy. Coming from a medical background, I was accustomed to pharmaceutical and surgical intervention to deal with medical problems. However, I did not want either of these treatment methods.

I was immediately impressed and felt a sense of hope when I walked into Dr. Foudy’s office and interacted with his staff. Everyone was friendly, professional, and accommodating. Dr. Foudy’s examination/evaluation was thorough and educational. He explained everything during his examination and answered all my questions. He took x-rays and a spinal scan and explained the process during those as well. This was followed by a treatment, which made me feel relief! The following visit, he thoroughly explained my x-ray and examination results. I had issues with vertebrae which I had no knowledge of from the past! As he explained the impact of the damage of these vertebrae on my health, it all fit together.

I was on board to follow Dr. Foudy’s treatment plan to get well. I followed his plan without hesitation. My response to treatment was beyond belief. I am back to work and driving. I have returned to a lot of my previous activity. I have lost weight and am back at the gym. I have a whole new lifestyle committed to good diet, health, and exercise.

I am almost back to 100% of where I was. I am still a bit cautious and taking things slowly, so I don’t re-injure myself. I am still following Dr. Foudy’s treatment plan and recommendations to avoid re-injury.

I have learned that the most important factor to healing is first, be diligent about following Dr. Foudy’s treatment plan, and to have trust in him and stay positive. Take home all that you learn each session. Eat healthy, get plenty of rest, and keep your mind clean and free of negative thoughts.

For as long as I can remember, I have always suffered from back pain.  As a child, I was diagnosed with scoliosis by my primary physician.  I even had to wear a brace for a few years to stop the curve’s progression in my spine.  Over the years, the pain would come and go in severity.  I chalked it up to daily activities such as holding and caring for my twins, bending over, picking up toys, giving the boys baths, sitting in front of a computer, but I could not stop any of these activities. I had to push through the pain and carry on. I would stand up and stretch, take a walk, use a heating pad, and take an over-the-counter pain reliever. For the most part, the pain was manageable, and it became normal.

It was not until recently where the pain in my lower back worsened. It became so painful that I uncomfortable sitting, standing, and unable to sleep through the night. I knew it was time to find help. I had heard about Dr. Foudy from my husband, Travis, who surfs with him. I knew his office was down the street from our house, which would make it more convenient for weekly visits. Before my first visit, I filled out all the forms. When I had my first appointment with Dr. Foudy, we had a friendly conversation about my medical history and all the current issues happening. Next, he took measurements, then weighed me to see if one side of my body weighed more than the other and took x-rays and sEMG scans. After the initial meeting, I was adjusted. That first adjustment was amazing! That night I had the best night’s sleep in years. We set up a treatment plan, and I routinely saw him twice a week. After about 3 months of treatments which included chiropractic adjustments, rolling traction table, and at-home stretches, my scoliosis had gotten better, and the pain in my back was almost completely gone.

I am very grateful for Dr. Foudy and his staff. The entire Foudy Chiropractic staff is very welcoming, caring, and smart. I highly recommend Dr. Foudy to anyone that is suffering from pain. Because of him, I am feeling better than I have in years.

“I tweaked my back putting up outdoor Christmas lights the week of Christmas and could hardly walk and was in constant pain in both my neck and lower back.  I came to your office on January 5, 2021 for a complete examination, including x-rays of both my neck and lower back.

You showed me the x-rays and I was incredibly surprised to see the damage done to my neck vertebrae and my spine in my lower back looked like an S Curve on a roadway.  I truly was in pain and hobbled as I tried to walk.

You set a scheduled treatment program of therapeutic ½ hour massages with your table adjustments 2 times every week for the next 12 weeks. Just after 2 weeks of treatments I was walking and going up the stairs without pain. 

I am just an old, retired football player who likes to stay active by jogging with my dog on my horse path every day and doing light workouts and weight training.  And I am excited to tell you that after 4 weeks of treatment I started to jog and workout every day without Any Pain Whatsoever.

I could not sleep well when I had the pain, but now after 4 weeks of treatment, I am pain free.I sleep better. I move better. I eat better. I jog and walk better. I feel better all the time. My whole life is better.

At end of my 12 weeks of treatment, I signed up for another 12 weeks of treatments with the therapeutic massages is the only way to FEEL 100% BETTER, ALL THE TIME. 


A friend referred me to Dr. Foudy after asking for recommendations.  I have had chiropractic care before but felt the provider was not as professional as I would have preferred.  Given my lack of trust, the adjustments were not as successful.

I was suffering from an acute injury in my lower back and in extreme pain, which led me to Dr. Foudy. Outside of that injury I dealt with long term back, hip/leg pain, frozen shoulder, and arthritis.  Needless to say – Dr. Foudy certainly had his work cut out for him.

I have been in and out of physical therapy and orthopedic care for over 7 years with no alleviation of pain for any extended period.  I had multiple cortisone shots which were temporary fixes.  I was provided strong anti-inflammatories and took those for almost a year with little success.

My first visit at Foudy Chiropractic consisted of some interesting tests that I have never had access to before.  Specifically, the one that shows pain in your back with the sensors – that was incredibly enlightening to show how many problem areas I had.  Dr. Foudy also took x-rays which were so cool to see and digest the true concerns I was dealing with, which were well beyond the reason for my initial visit.  These x-rays provided the validation for the investment I needed to make to get back on track, and I am so glad I did!

My back is 100% better for the initial injury I came in for.  More importantly, my frozen shoulder has been relieved with simple stretching and release demonstrated by Melanie and Dr. Foudy.  I lived with a pain level of 8 on most days with no questions.  Last week, after just over a month with Dr. Foudy, I realized how my pain is not always on my mind and keeps me from being comfortable on a day-to-day basis.  This has been life changing and I am proud of taking time for myself to address these issues in a meaningful way.

I love getting outside, walking with my kids on scooters and hiking.  My injury prevented me from doing any walking but also limited my ability to get through a workday without having to lay down flat which was not sustainable.  I am now in a place I can resume walking and enjoying my life with much less pain.

I am a mom of 2 small kids, work 60+ hours a week as an executive and never rest.  Chiropractic care has really become a commitment to my own self-care.  I am also truly appreciative of the professional staff, ease of scheduling and expedited service while there, for someone as busy as me feeling my time is just as respected as theirs is truly amazing!

Thank you, Dr. Foudy, Melanie, and all of Team Foudy! I have been so well taken care of with love and care. All of you in this beautiful office show true compassion for what you do – making people better!

When I came to Dr. Foudy in March of 2022, I came as a very broken, young, active 56-year-old. All the physical activities that I have enjoyed so much in my life, such as yoga, cardio sculpt, and long hikes involving stairs, hills, and sand came to a sudden stop.

I was in a lot of pain. I was experiencing strong pain in my right hip. I would hurt sitting, standing, sleeping, just plain hurt being alive. With time (about 8 months), the pain made its way into my glutes and also to the right side and lower back.

I made many visits to my former chiropractor who would adjust me and put me on lots of supplements and hoped for the best. No relief. From there, I was still in much pain and getting worse, so I went to see an orthopedic doctor. The ortho named it bursitis. He gave me an injection and sent me to physical therapy. This lasted for a few weeks, and the pain was better. Then the pain came back. I made another visit, got another injection, and went back to physical therapy. Same deal new day! I was told that up to 5 injections a year would do no harm… are you kidding me! What about the problem???

I was driving down the freeway and noticed Foudy Chiropractic, decided to Google the office, and see what his
reviews were. They were great! That’s how I started my journey here.

My first appointment with Dr. Foudy was like I found home! He took an x-ray, did a nerve test, and measured
and checked every single part of my physical ability. He sat with me and explained what was happening with my neck, my back, my hips, and my feet – which were all in trouble! To say the least, I was so impressed! He gave me hope that I could get better!

I signed up for the treatment plan that Dr. Foudy recommended. I am thankful every day I did!The power team of Dr. Foudy and his lovely wife Melanie have given me my life back! I am learning to correctly stretch my legs and feet, which in turn is healing my hip. The back pain does not exist at all! My neck is getting much attention and we are working on getting the curve to go the proper way!

I am back to walking 5 miles at a time, doing yoga, and will be back to the hard hikes and cardio sculpt in no time! I am only 2 months into my treatments and my results are incredible!

If you would like to get better, you have come to the right place if you walk in the door of Foudy Chiropractic!

My name is Tom Thompson and for 20 years I have served as pastor and clinician at a Christ-centered drug and alcohol residential program in San Clemente.  Linda, my wife of 52 years, and I have two adult children, whose families live in the southern California area.

Though I have struggled with tolerable back pain for all my adult life, it wasn’t until early November 2021 that I knew my spinal problems could no longer be ignored.  Rolling out of bed one morning, I realized that I could no longer stand erect, and was experiencing acute pain in my lower back.  The intense pain radiated down my thighs and calves, and I found that my feet were numb.  I could only hobble a few feet in my house with a cane. 

Virtually bed ridden, I could not drive or work.  I spent the next two months in bed or impaired to the point that all my focus was on the management of the unrelenting pain.  It measured an 8-9 on a scale of 10.  I slept little, as there was no position in which I could find relief.

A pain specialist prescribed opiate medication and attempted several nerve blocks and cortisone treatments, but to no avail.  My neurosurgeon recommended surgery and my primary physician strongly discouraged chiropractic treatment.  Two MRI’s and X-rays revealed the herniated L-3,4 and 5 discs and the offending pinched nerves.

Not wanting to undergo surgery and becoming desperate, I called Dr. Foudy’s office and asked if they could work with a person as bent over and bound up as I was.  I was very hesitant to allow any person to touch my back.  I took the risk and contracted for treatments.  Within a few weeks of treatment, I found I could experience short periods where I could stand erect.  After 15 treatments, I was able to walk without my walker or cane and now am fully functioning at work. 

I have been impressed by Dr. Foudy’s thorough approach, using nerve scans, x-rays, and other diagnostic measures as platform for the treatment. He ensures that the integrity of the injured area be treated within the context of the entire skeletal infrastructure so that proper alignment will lead to optimal healing of the whole body.  Further, he has educated me as to the importance of lifestyle patterns and exercise in the maintenance of good spinal health. 

The amazing Foudy team is a critical part of my “recovery family”!  I now have an improved, preventative lifestyle lending to long-term health.