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Why choose Chiropractic care

The adjustment is a safe, natural, noninvasive procedure used by the chiropractor to restore and improve health. Learning the art of adjusting is a skill that requires years of study and practice. Chiropractic doctors are the only health care professionals trained to deliver chiropractic adjustment. Spinal adjustments by any other individual or health care professional have been shown to be dangerous and less effective. 

In basic terms, spinal adjustment or spinal manipulation refers to the process in which your chiropractor skillfully applies controlled force into one or more “subluxated” vertebrae of the spine. The adjustment is also frequently used in the pelvic region to normalize the sacroiliac joints. The adjustment is usually delivered using the hands or through the use of a specialized mechanical tool. 

Adjusting helps correct vertebral subluxations. Correcting subluxations reduces pain and inflammation, reduces muscle spasm and tension, normalizes spinal biomechanics, and more importantly, can remove nerve irritation and interference which can improve the overall health and wellness of the individual. Chiropractic adjustments are the only way to eliminate vertebral subluxations and only the chiropractor is trained to detect subluxations and deliver the chiropractic spinal adjustment to correct subluxations. 

In addition to adjusting the spine and pelvis, almost every other joint of the body can be adjusted by the chiropractor. This includes the joints of the hands and feet, wrists and ankles, elbows and knees, shoulders and hips, ribs and jaw. Like the joints of the spine, joints in the extremities can also become misaligned and fixated. Chiropractic adjustive techniques can restore and enhance extremity joint functioning which can increase the life of the joint and keep wear and tear to a minimum. This is of special interest to athletes who generally demand optimal joint performance from highly stressed joints. Adjusting provides an immediate increase in the joint range of motion and also supplies the joint with nutrients, as motion is the only way to bring nutrients into the joint cartilage and flush waste products out. 

Dr. Foudy sees patients of all ages and uses a variety of techniques in his practice, including the Diversified Sacral Occipital Technique, Cervical Traction, Thompson drop table, Cox flexion/distraction technique, and Activator method.

Your Foudy Chiropractic Team

Dr. Michael Foudy, D.C.
Dr. Foudy has been practicing Chiropractic for over 30 years and has a passion for his patients, health and wellness.

Melanie L. Foudy, M.S., IMS, CES, PES
Melanie is an Integrative Corrective Exercise Specialist who will go over your stretches, posture, and movement habits so you can achieve your optimal health and wellness!

Carmen Garcia
Carmen is our office manager and makes sure the office is running smoothly. She'll help you with any questions you might have regarding your account or insurance benefit.

Mallory McInroe
Mallory will be there to greet you at foudy chiropractic! She'll help you schedule all your appointments and set you up on your therapies before your treatment.

Halie Willhoft
Halie will greet you at the front door when you come in. She can help you schedule all your appointments with Dr. Foudy and our massage therapists.

Stacy Smith
Stacy has 9 years of experience as a massage therapist! Her specialties include AIS, Sports, Prenatal and Relaxation massages.

Darlene Sularski
Darlene has 13 years of experience as a massage therapost. She specializes in prenatal, sports, thrigger point & Swedish for ultimate relaxation.